The art of sustainability

Express your responsible lifestyle with Artylist art prints. 

We believe in the true essence of art – that’s why we use only high-quality natural ink and cotton-based paper. Our art prints last a lifetime, and then return to nature’s embrace.

100 % natural materials

The pigment inks we use are 100% natural water-soluble, and therefore, are safe for your health. You can place the art piece in children’s rooms, hospitals, schools, kindergarten, and other environmentally demanding areas. There are no synthetic solvents, chemicals, or smells.

The 315g Photo Cotton Rag paper is made of 100 % cotton. Your art is pure and long-lasting as the paper contains no brighteners (OBA), acids (Acid-free), or lignin (Lignin-free).

The ink and paper combined ensure that our art prints are 100 % degradable and leave no ecological mark.

Enjoy the highest archival potential of our art prints. Your print lasts over 50 years, and more than 150 years when protected by glass.


Plant trees with each purchase

Buy our art prints and we will plant trees, thanks to our cooperation with Offset Earth. Let’s make a difference in the environment together

But, don’t let the name confuse you! Offset Earth is a project contributing to our environment. Ofset  as a term, means low-quality chemical print, which represents the opposite of what we are doing at Artylist.

The green math is easy:

You buy A3+ print – we plant 1 tree.
You buy A2 print – we plant 2 trees.
You buy 50x70 cm print – we plant 3 trees.
You buy an original artwork – we plant 10 trees.

Do you want to know how many trees we have planted so far? Or, how much CO2 it means? Visit our page at Offset Earth project and take a look.

Made-to-order model 

We chose an ecological approach to dealing with orders, which means we have no stock to move around or take up space. How does the made-to-order model work? You send the order, and we print the piece. It takes a bit longer for the art print to reach you, but it’s worth the wait.

As we don’t store the art print, it doesn’t collect dust or get damaged – so you receive it in the best quality possible.