Our vision is to offer limited art prints with real artistic value that will add a unique finishing touch to your home, office or shop and can compete with artworks from famous galleries.

If you don’t want to be one among thousands (perhaps even millions) who buy the same cheesy picture from a large retail chain, but visiting galleries and looking for valuable yet affordable art isn´t your thing either, you’ve come to the right place.


There Will Never Be a Hundred

Even in the case of extremely popular works that sell like hotcakes, we strictly limit the number of prints with one design to 99. This is a key part of our philosophy. No more than 98 people in the world will have the same picture as you.




 Gallery-quality Art Prints

We use 2 technologies to make art prints: fine art printing and screen printing. Reproductions are made for us by a printing house that also supplies prestigious galleries.

What is Fine Art Printing?

It is a method of high-quality printing that demands much more time and experience than ordinary photographic prints. Fine art printing is not called a “printing ritual” just for fun.

The main advantage of fine art printing are amazing colours that faithfully reproduce the original thanks to special inks used on exclusive 100 % natural paper. This technology also guarantees perfect quality of the art print for at least 90 years. That´s why we can give you a lifetime guarantee for your artwork.

What is Screen Printing?

Also called a serigraph, we use screen printing for works that need to literally shine. No other type of printing technique can reproduce shiny colours so well. Gold is truly gold with this screen printing technique.


Did our concept captivate you? Check out our limited editions of Abstract, Zen, photography and typography art prints or show us your own artwork that you´d love to be featured in our collection.