Simplicity of Zen

Why it is so hard to make it simple

Just three letters with a rich history, that is Zen. These days it has many meanings, but Zen is both complex and simple.


It all began as a Buddhism sect. Zen developed in Japan on the basis of meditation and intuition. For these monks witht their leader named Mahayana, it was more important to achieve an empty mind than study tuns of scriptures.


After a while, Zen expanded beyond the borders of religion. Close to Japanese tradition, there was Zen art. Buddhism needed to explain feelings and thoughts, and art was often the best way to do so. In the beginning, Zen art was the signature of Japanese style and motives. Lately, the meaning od Zen art moved to a new dimension. It is now the skill of making art simple yet breathtaking. 


In the 20th century we started to use the word zen for many things. After 1950 there was a big Zen boom. Mentions of Zen on the Internet increased more than 3 times. Now it is calm, consciousness, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation, or just good photos on Instagram. 


Anyway, in every period, Zen wasn’t just simplicity. It was a complex concept that connected paradoxes. It is one moment in a million. It is a perfect balance. So, when you are creating art, you need to find a middle way, the point when it is simple but genius. And this is not easy. Simple is never easy.