The magic of art

Don’t think about it, just feel it

Have you ever experienced that moment when you walk around a painting and it makes you stop? Sometimes it’s a masterpiece in a gallery, sometimes it’s just a sketch on a wall. Have you ever heard a song that made you ask a stranger who the artist is? Have you ever seen a dancer that made you move your feet? These magical effects of art are not caused by rational arguments, only emotions can influence us so strongly.

Teleport between the artist and viewer 

According to researchers, emotions play a big role in a game called valuation of art. Our subjective emotions affect how we judge art. We connect every piece with our personal feelings and memories. On the other hand, there is another factor that is not so easy to explain by science. Art can transfer an emotion to us. Sometimes we don’t understand what it is exactly that we like about a painting or music, but we just feel like we want to see it or listen to it again and again. 

These magical effects of art are one of the reasons why human beings have appreciated art for ages. It is like you can save an emotion in Pandora’s box and every viewer can take a part of it. You never know what you will get. But good art is not empty. It always has something to say, and when we feel it, we remember it.